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Why are we not exactly equal in our abilities?

Have you ever been frustrated by something someone else has done?

Especially when you felt they "Should have known better" or "They have done that before" which is made worse when:

1. You love the person.

2. They know you make better choices given the same situation, so you have already set the example for them.


In order to understand why we are not exactly equal in our abilities, it is necessary bear in mind a belief we already hold but the concept of which is disconnected from the concept of the differences we have between each other. This is done intentionally by those who defined the information we are permitted to learn.


Spiritual belief

We already believe - Our consciousness can continue.

Here on earth we have religions and philosophies to help us learn about our spiritual nature.

Many religions and philosophies teach that there is a continuation of the soul after the death of the body.

For any this to happen, you still must have your consciousness.

What that means is - You MUST still somehow know who you are.

The basic core of how you feel as an individual must still remain together somehow.


What is our consciousness?

Let me give you and example of what I am describing.

Some people identify themselves with how they look in a mirror, so it can be thought that the reflection they see is their identity, but if all mirrors and all ways of seeing oneself were removed, then they would still exist as a person.

So we are all more than a reflection or just a body others can see.

So what make us who we are?

It is the actions we have and the choices we make.

For example think about these questions:

These are the types of choice that define who we are to ourselves, this is our consciousness.

This is the part of us which will continue after we die.

So almost everyone believes that your consciousness will continue after they die in some way Ė but they do not think of it in such a plain term.

(This one concept is never focused on at all, but it much more important than it is made out to be. )



How does this relate to our equal ability?

Let's examine what abilities I am referring to:

Working and paying rent

Everyone must pay rent, as a baby we have no responsibilities, but that quickly changes. In first grade we have schoolwork and homework - key word "work".

As we grow our work changes but not the fact we must work. As soon as we are able we move out on our own and need to pay rent. This is necessary for us to feel independent. So everyone must pay rent in some way so they have feelings of independence. It is actually necessary for your soul to have this experience and so you must provide it for yourself. So everyone's first priority is to learn how to work and pay their rent or maintain their barest survival. This encompasses a few things like good health, a strong body, a working mind and the discipline to maintain this about ourselves. It also means things like good work ethic and teamwork ability.

But not everyone can do this easily while others seem to have no problem. It is not because they are wealthy, it is just that they stay on focus about this important area. Being able to pay rent requires a certain level of ability to maintain yourself.

This is an example of a difference between us.

(Caveat - At this time in the U.S.A, we have a homelessness issue which is caused by economics and NOT the responsibility level of every homeless person, some people who would work and provide for them self have been thrown out of their life long jobs for no reason other then greed)



If you have no problem paying rent and you have a place to bring a date after dinner and the movie then you can have a relationship, but it really means more than just a place to go.

Not everyone is good at relationships. Controlling or co-dependant behaviors are not relationship skills. Manipulation and deceit do not bring love to us. Behaviors like loyalty, selflessness, perseverance and empathy are hard to do but are the behaviors which bring the strongest relationships.

Some people find it easy to do these things and others do not. Being able to have a relationship requires a certain level of ability to maintain yourself beyond just paying rent.

This is an example of a difference between us.


Quality of life

If rent is easy and you relate well to others then you can have a better quality of life.

This means different things to different people. Some want a bigger house, others want to travel. Some like to go to sporting events or concerts. Some focus on their personal growth.

Some people never really get that far, they struggle with paying rent or getting along with their significant other. Being able to have a good quality of life requires a certain level of ability to maintain yourself beyond just paying rent and having a relationship.

This is an example of a difference between us.


Helping another person

(This is an area where people mention to me they have great difficulty)


Once rent is paid, and getting along is easy and you have a good quality of life you are ready to help someone, really help someone. The best way is by example. The next best way is by trying really hard and doing something.

Volunteer work is here. Maybe you go to the retirement home in your neighborhood and visit with the elderly. Perhaps you work in your church or temple. Maybe you just make yourself available for advice to others. Any time you help OUTSIDE of your family you are setting a special example which not as many are capable of.

Being able to help another person requires a certain level of ability to maintain yourself beyond just paying rent and having a relationship and having a good quality of life.

Having the extra energy to give after everything else is taken care of is an example of a difference between us.


(There are three more really big differences to list but this is enough to get the point across.)


Lets tie it together:

1. Your consciousness can continue.

2. There are differences in levels of abilities between us like barest survival, relationship skills, quality of our lives and helping others..


The reason these differences seem so difficult to understand is because - it takes more than a lifetime to get from one level of ability to another.

Since your consciousness continues you remember the efforts you have made and you carry them as strength in your subsequent life.

So people who struggle with rent will have an easier time with it when they return to earth again because their lifetime of effort gives their soul more energy for their next time here. The more you struggle the stronger you become, that is why you should never give up and live your life making a constant effort.

People who can pay rent but struggle with relationships will be better when they return because their struggle will lead them to more energy in their soul which is needed for the more difficult emotions.

Someone who is ready for a better quality of life and is good at rent and relationships will have it because of the lifetimes of effort building their souls energy.


All religions and philosophies teach it is important not to take your own life. The reason is because you reduce your souls energy and cause your spiritual journey to be more difficult. Each lifetime is an opportunity to grow on your journey, it MUST be carried through! If you cut it short you make it harder for yourself because you start with less energy then you need. We expend more energy in our earlier years of life then we gain and waiting for your lifes end is important to have the energy to continue. The best choice for everyone is to live their lives making the effort in your energy level. This will assure you will receive the reward of your effort when you return and have more ability.


We all have a responsibility to aid others who have not reached our level of growth! NOT to put them down or steal from them or take advantage or treat them lower then ourselves.

The concept of a caste system has been dirtorted from it's true purpose which is to recognize that people are not equal so those who are growing should ALWAYS be helped by those who are more grown. It is a very Spiritually wrong thing to take advantage of souls who have not been here as long.

It is the responsibility of EVERY person to assist in the spiritual growth of others by respecting their difference and always providing a path for them to advance.

At the very least we should not interfering with the spiritual journey of others.

Our leaders are the ones who are supposed to make this possible.