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Information to help you understand our spiritual journey:

Why are we different from each other


Information to help you be calmer:

Everyone experiences feelings we do not like. Most of the time these feelings will balance themselves quickly and we are ok. But occasionally our feelings get away from us and cause us to make bad decisions or have actions we regret later on. There are tools to help us with our emotions, things like NLP Reframing and EFT are very helpful to us when we are emotional.

Here if the EFT technique.

I recommend you review this before you need it and give it a try when you do.

EFT or the Emotional freedom technique is a way for you to immediately stop unwanted emotions. Once you do this you can make a decision on what to do with whatever got you out of a balanced emotional state. Here are 2 links to videos of Gary Craig, the inventor of the technique. In them he explains what the technique is and teaches how to do it. I have used this technique hundreds of times on myself and others with consistanly good results.

Gary Craig teaching EFT

Gary Craig does it with you

More specific written information

Information to help you cope with the media bombardment:

Why are people Homosexual?


Things you need to grow yourself:

Meditation - Pot and meditation - Although pot is not a requirement, it is an aid and very healthy. I offer instructions in my Ebook - An Adults Playground of Pot

NLP for communication - Neuro Linguistic programming can teach not only communication but how to use communication to heal peoples thoughts.

Exercise - Is necessary for best health, if you work with your body, take at least 10 minutes to strech every day.

Diet - Proper nutrition is essential for health and cognitive functioning. Eating an alkali diet and taking cellular salts and whole food vitamins are critical to maintain yourself, do not let these 3 things slip.

Dicipline - Without this nothing in life is possible.

Critical Thinking and intention - This is the thing which drives everything else. You must learn to question everything. You must learn to own your own thoughts and be focused