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Important spiritual information to contemplate while stoned (or while not stoned).


Why are we homosexual sometimes?

In order to understand why people are homosexual, it is necessary to put together a few beliefs we already hold but which are disconnected from each other intentionally by those who defined the information we are permitted to learn.


Here is a surprise: What you read here is not published anywhere at all, this is original material and frankly that makes me sad...

Spiritual belief 1.

We already believe - Our consciousness can continue.

Here on earth we have religions and philosophies to help us learn about our spiritual nature.

Many religions and philosophies teach that there is a continuation of the soul after the death of the body.

For any this to happen, you still must have your consciousness.

What that means is - You MUST still somehow know who you are.

The basic core of how you feel as an individual must still remain together somehow.


What is our consciousness?

Let me give you and example of what I am describing.

Some people identify themselves with how they look in a mirror, so it can be thought that the reflection they see is their identity, but if all mirrors and all ways of seeing oneself were removed, then they would still exist as a person.

So we are all more than a reflection or just a body others can see.

So what make us who we are?

It is the actions we have and the choices we make.

For example think about these questions:

These are the types of choice that define who we are to ourselves, this is our consciousness.

This is the part of us which will continue after we die.

So almost everyone believes that your consciousness will continue after they die in some way – but they do not think of it in such a plain term.

(This one concept is never focused on at all, but it much more important than it is made out to be. )


Spiritual belief 2.

People have free will, We are even taught this.


Every person has free will, this is not the same as freedom to do whatever they want, because we are not free to do whatever we want, but we have the free will to think and feel whatever we want and to make decisions regarding our choices in our lives.


The third belief is hidden from the general public with a good reason.


Spiritual Belief 3

Because we have free will, after we die and our consciousness leaves our present body - our consciousness can return to earth if we want.

Our old body is gone so we would have a different body.

We can return to earth as another body being born again as a baby.

This is known by us because in our language we have expressions for this like: “That person is an old soul” or “I must have known you in a past life”

or who is that guy that is so blantant about this? - The Dalai Lama!

Why don’t we know or remember this: Because everything about our lives is directed away from us knowing this critical spiritual information and we are never taught to do the things which would cause us to remember, like correct meditation practices.

Why don’t the religions teach us this : A part of the reason is so we won’t cause harm to ourselves during every life crisis we face - mistakenly thinking we can get away from the crisis that way. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO CAUSE YOURSELF ANY HARM because if we do not face and overcome our life crisis’s to the best of our ability we will be even weaker to face them when we come back and HAVE to again.

That really does mess us up and can keep us from the ones we love.

There are other serious reasons but I cannot explain them in totality in this short time here How does this relate to our sexuality?

Let’s put it all together.

1 Our consciousness can continue

2 We all have free will.

3. You can return to earth after you die if you wish.

Because we have free will, we can come back to earth and pick a new body.

That body can be ANY sex we choose, we can even freely choose to be a member of the opposite sex from what we were in the previous life.

Your old body is gone so you can pick any new body you want, you can even try the opposite sex out.

Now think about how this would have to work: Men and women are known as the opposite sex to each other because they are vastly different from each other.They have physical, mental and emotional differences that are so complex, it takes a team of scientists to understand, it is well documented that men’s and woman’s brains are different and there are many other obvious physical and emotional differences.

If we chose to return in the body of someone of the opposite sex, there is going to be an adjustment period while we get used to being in the new body and having the new feelings and behaviors. This is going to take a LIFETIME.

This is a very complex adjustment, there are more differences between the sexes than just their bodies for example who they are attracted to, or who they identify with on an emotional level. An example of what I mean, if a loving husband and wife lose a child during or just before birth, they both have extreme emotional responses, but they responses will necessarily be very different.

Because these types of critical emotional responses are so vastly different - it will take time to learn the new response.

This is going to take a LIFETIME.

If you do not think so…..try acting fully like a member of the opposite sex for a few hours…..it will be exhausting.

So non heterosexual people are people who have decided to become a member of the opposite sex, since this is complex there is a transition period while they get used to their new sexual orientation, this transition period necessarily takes a while, in fact it takes a LIFETIME, so during this period the person will NECESSARILY have behaviors and emotions of BOTH SEXES, when these people are at the stage where they are physically attracted to the people of the same gender, we call these people homosexual.

I understand this information is going to seem or sound complex.

But really except for the hidden information that you can come back if you want to all I have done is tie together that which you already know.


I understand that some of you will have to explain to me why I am wrong and that is just fine with me.

Please use the contact form here to offer any thoughts you have.

There are two arguements to this writing which will fall on deaf ears:

Interestingly you will not find any passage in the Bible forbiding us to return to earth in another body.


Given this new information I believe that all the unnecessary persecution of homosexuals EVERYWHERE must stop.

It is unreasonable behavior to persecute the people who prove there is life after death. Instead they should be treated with spiritual respect as individuals on a spiritual journey of transition - Which any one of us might decide to take!


Won't you join me in promoting tolerance?