***NEW*** Information about why people are Homosexual can be found here!
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Important spiritual information to contemplate while stoned (or while not stoned).


Why I write we are intentionally not taught these things.

I am not a sociologist, but there are sociologists. I am not trained in Spiritual beliefs but there are many theologians and other educated and trained experts. I am nobody - but the things I write make good sense.

There is no way I am the only one who can know these things, what I write here: Is known by our leaders.

How do I know this?

Because they have money to pay the educated thinkers (who get paid to sit all day and think about this stuff) to come up with this information

What I write here does not lend itself to controlling the many, it lends itself to assisting each of us to be independent and caring of each other:

Which is not what the leaders want.

Or they would write and teach this information and I would not be needed.