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Important spiritual information to contemplate while stoned (or while not stoned).


Here is the Mission Statement of the Marijuana Spiritual Guru's

Paradigm shift

The term paradigm shift is associated with a change in scientific knowledge but I am referring to a change in spiritual beliefs.

If you are not open to a change in your spiritual beliefs then you should not waste your time reading this material.

It will not help you and might hurt you by causing you to have an extreme unwanted emotional state.

A shift in spiritual beliefs is needed. Our current belief systems are distorted and old fashioned. They are also clearly not working because mankind is in a horrendous sociological situation in the world. Unnecessary competition over resources causes everyone but the few who are pulling the strings to constantly be stressed.

I propose that a change in spiritual beliefs away from a patriarchal or matriarchal system to a unifying system will bring evolution to mankind instead of the stagnation we are experiencing. I am going to offer a new concept in spirituality in which I intend to answer all questions with logic and intelligence, there will be no more "faith" in beliefs necessary.

This is because science and technology has advanced enough to offer mankind concrete information about the workings of the spiritual realm.

Because this can be a frightening concept it should be known that the first thing I would advise all to do is to keep the following thought in your mind;

Remain calm and you will be ok. Nothing I will write can cause you distress; it is just slightly different from what your used to.

The purpose of this information is for the human race to begin to think in a new way; I believe War, Famine, Environmental Destruction and Poverty can be eliminated.

These things only exist because of the misdirection of our leaders.

A necessary step if for the human race to understand we all matter to each other. The current belief systems are distorted and have justified the current state of affairs. It is time for something different, something which will work.


I have the information to guide us.

I need leaders who are interested in teaching ways of behavior for people to be more tolerant and caring of each other.

Won't you join me in helping to change the way we are taught to think so we can improve and become the amazing race we really are.