***NEW*** Information about why people are Homosexual can be found here!
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Mission Statement


We are on a mission to help!

We do not ask if someone needs help.

We do not offer to help.

We just help.

We stay until the end of our help is needed.

We cannot be stopped.

We are not compensated, we ask for nothing.


We are the opposite of all the things in a society which cause emotional trauma.

We stop the emotional pain of trauma.


We heal anyone who needs it.

We find others who are willing and who can learn to do this and we guide them to learn, we create healers!


We are healers, who are healing and guiding others to become healers!

I have the information to guide us.

I need healers who are interested in teaching ways of behavior for people to be more tolerant and caring of each other.

Won't you join me in helping to change the way we are taught to think so we can improve and become the amazing race we really are.